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Vision for a DeeperEngaged™ Transfer of Knowledge
Technology Elevating the Means of Achievement through the Memes of our Media
“Social Justice is not just about eliminating barriers to entry, ending systemic racism, stopping the violence, and being respected. It is also about changing lives through achievement and elevating those that have been the victim of injustice to take their place excelling in the arena of the American Dream to which they aspire."
- Haile Clay
Founder and CEO
Navitent, Inc.
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SocialAchievementMedia™. Are you in?
Memes for Achievement and Accountability of Results
"Meme | mēm | noun • an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation."

I conceived of the DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice and Social Impact initiatives on the Navitent Platform that will play a vital in America's future, right now, today. Here's how.

Social Justice, the vital kingpin of social impact, can only be made possible but can never be fully achieved through social, legal, and political change. The achievement of social justice requires you to seize the opportunity within change and step up to the plate, and lead, guide, and mentor others to take advantage of the freedoms and advantages newly afforded them.  

But social justice is an illusion until all boats rise through broad social impact when all the underserved and races can celebrate equity and equality of American "privilege." DeeperEngaged™ is not about taking away privilege from whites; it is about making access to the same claim available to everyone.

Social Impact is achieved when the oppressed gain the know-how and means to healthcare, scholarship, education, mental health, jobs, and entrepreneurship. Those who need social impact need the means through modern methods and technology to be taught, treated, trained, and shown the way. This is, they need a real social impact media turned into SocialAchiementMedia™.

But this cannot be done in points of light, trumpeting isolated success stories, only accessible to those lucky enough to have access to these things. It must be visible, accessible, validatable, and duplicatable everywhere for everyone. This is where Navitent steps in. With the visibility of our partners and sponsors and leaders like yourself, together, we can bring services in physical and mental health, education, career, entrepreneurship, family, law, and community development into the light everywhere God shines it.

On Navitent, leaders, caseworkers, counselors, physicians, therapists, mentors, and educators from non-profit, profit, government, and public sectors come together for a common cause; i.e., they come together to elevate the human condition, prospects, and prosperity of everyone. This can happen for parents of a high school junior that needs to find and apply for scholarships, the new parents that need direction raising a child, the young adult that needs to clear his criminal record, the adult looking for new skills to advance his career.

Social justice is won when everyone who wants to, and applies themselves to it, has the platform, access, and support to achieve - and on Navitent they can and will! That's the platform of Navitent. With you and your knowledge and resources, that will be the world on Navitent:

Make a difference that matters.  
Empower those highly successful on the front lines to reach deep into communities.
• Be a champion that empowers leaders.
• Make a critical new tool accessible to those with the power to change lives.
• Create a clearinghouse of tools that can make local players national life changers.
• Mentor excellence and self-empowerment.
• Exploit access to the privilege of allies and distribute it without limit.
• Properly level of the playing field.
• Elevate the game.

Partnership and Sponsorship in DeeperEngaged™ Social Impact pay for themself and pay it forward for achieved social justice.

Thank you,
Haile Edward Clay
Founder and CEO
Navitent, Inc.

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