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Start:Nov 26, 2022

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to separate fact from fiction. (Perception vs. Reality).

Description: 'Perception' will guides trekkers in being able to tell the difference between fact and fiction in situations that typically trigger strong ... Read More


Step 1

Hi again.

It's time to head to the video icon and hear a message that shows you 'it's possible.'

Let us know how the video made you feel you when you've finished.

Step 2

Les Brown says, when we realize that our dreams are possible, it changes our belief system.

Mr. Brown encourages people to understand what they deserve and what's possible. He believes we all should operate out of a larger vision of ourselves.

What's possible for you, and how would it lend itself to a larger vision for your life?

Step 3

There's something that Nick Vujicic added that's fundamentally important to know before you can trust what's possible for you.

He said, at the end of your life, what if the pain and tears of the past were what helped you save the life of somebody else?

Mr. Vujicic stressed, is the pain worth it if the experience is used at some point in your life to save even one person?

How would you answer that?

Step 4

How would this affect your view of your yourself?

Step 5

How much would you stop caring about what others thought about you?

Step 6

How much do you believe that, if your viewpoint about yourself improved and your outlook about your life improved, then you would be more trusting about life and people, in general?

Step 7

Yes. It's possible.

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