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Basic accounts have all of the features of the DeeperDrill IA™ SaaS Accounts like Do and Save in your Navitent Library and User History.  You also get Day Plan and Daily Reminders, Scheduler, Friends, Following, and Sharing.   DeeperIntel™ Accounts (DeeperIntel™ SaaS Business and above) get powerful process insights and improvement tools for Navitents and Communities.

Need help setting up or managing your DeeperDrill IA™ account? Let us know when you sign up.

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• Account setup and management
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Do you have unique knowledge, insight, or expertise that can lead to outstanding achievement, health results, economic freedom, skill development, or other socially beneficial goals? When signing up or by contacting us directly, request to be a Marketplace Trailblazer so you can publish Navitents in the DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice Marketplace when you sign up or contact us directly.


• Drive stronger user engagement
• Increase your following
• Add revenues
• Acquire new markets

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Promote Your Community in the Social Impact Marketplace

Do you have uplifting messages, unique calling, and specific markets for communities that benefit a cause or mission in social justice?  Request to be added as a Marketplace Community Organizer when you sign up or contact us directly.


• Impact your market
• Influence the industry
• Steer conversations and actions

Become a Content Partner
Add Your Content, Reserve Your Time

Have extraordinary expertise but limited time and resources?  Can your wisdom significantly impact many in the DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice sphere, but you don't have the person-hours to convert that knowledge to Navitents and Navient Communities?  Partner with DeeperEngaged™, and your content will become part of the building blocks of Intelligence Argumentation in human processes and behaviors that lead directly to achievement. We will set up your account, convert your content into Navitents and create your Partner page.  You will retain your intellectual property while increasing your reach, influence, and processes of continual improvement.


• Increase market impact
• Increase your market reach
• Create new revenue opportunities

Add Your Resources to the Fight
No Steps to Share, But A Vital Ally and Resource

Resources can cover finance, legal, professional, and domestic services.  They include caregiving, resume and test prep, or mentoring.  They can be resources can be local, county, or state services.  If your product or service is critical to the struggle but not yet Navitent "Navigational Content" material for whatever reason, contact us, and we may add your resources to the Resource page.


• Increase your visibility
• Add value to the market

DeeperEngaged® Social Impact
Powering Brightest Outcomes

Navitent, Inc. is a Black and veteran-owned corporation. Founded in 2004, Navitent provides social benefit and equity development, delivery, management, and oversight tools embedded in the DeeperIntel™ Intelligence Augmentation Suite. Based on the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, High Reliability and Accountable Care Organization Public/Private Partnership frameworks, we serve powerful features through our HumanChangeSystems™ National Network of Resiliency™. Whatever your vision for social impact is, Navitent is your GPS for Change™.

Mission: Innovate new means of impact through human factor engineering dedicated to evidence-based continuous process improvement of the human condition.

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