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Social Impact Modules for DeeperIntel™ Accounts
Pre-Configured Communities for Programs Ready for Turnkey Use

DeeperEngaged™ Modules are communities transferred from the original Trailblazers account to other DeeperEngaged™ Leaders and Achievers for turnkey download and use.  Modules can be used as standalone programs or services or intended to be combined within a larger framework of Navitent processes, behaviors, and workflows.

Programs & Communities
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Your Messaging & Branding
Your Org Structure
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DeeperMatrx™ Collaboration
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Extend & Add to Modules
1. Preview
Preview a Module by participating in the Ambassador community.  Try any of the Navitents and post a comment to the community or directly to the Navitent Publisher.
2. Add to Your Account
To get a Module put into your account, click Add Module or Buy Module (there may be a fee). It will automatically show up in your Community and Trailblazer Page.
3. Add Ambassadors
Ambassadors are other users you designate in Manage Members that can manage Module members, Navitents, and posts in the community. Your Module may come with an Ambassador you can keep on board.
4. Customize
Change the branding of the community and add or subtract Navitents based on your needs. Duplicate your Module Campfire to other Campsites based on your organizational structure.
5. Invite/Publish
Invite users to join your Module and invite others by setting the permissions to Open Invite in the Edit option.
6. Track
Use your Notifications, Messages, and DeeperMatrx™ to track activity, usage, and postings.
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Navitent, Inc. is a Black and veteran-owned corporation. Founded in 2004, Navitent provides social benefit and equity development, delivery, management, and oversight tools embedded in the DeeperIntel™ Intelligence Augmentation Suite. Based on the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, High Reliability and Accountable Care Organization Public/Private Partnership frameworks, we serve powerful features through our HumanChangeSystems™ National Network of Resiliency™. Whatever your vision for social impact is, Navitent is your GPS for Change™.

Mission: Innovate new means of impact through human factor engineering dedicated to evidence-based continuous process improvement of the human condition.

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