Sober Living Environments

Conditional, long-term residence
Shared Individual responsibilities
Structured community
On call independent providers
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Residential Care Environments

Programmatic, short, mid and longer-term
Shared Individual activities
Structured daily schedules
Provider collective co-ops
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Transitional Care Environments

Referral driven, stabelizing, mid-term residence
Shared rehabilitative engagement
Structured coordination and accountability
Lifeline collective co-ops
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Kindred Care Environments

Short-term residence, long-term connection
Structured developmental methodologies
Structured network and support
Telecare and Remote Care Collectives
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Shelter Environments

Shelter or sanctioned encampment residence
Self-care support instructions
Discharge aligned care community
Lifeline Collectives Co-ops
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AI-Aided Housing Environments

Low-Income, Foster, Adoption, Day Care & Caregiver
Social Achievement support
At-risk aligned care community
County Services Collective Co-ops
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Living, Residential & Housing Platform & Care as a Service
DeeperEngaged® Social Impact is focused on social barriers to equitable functional outcomes that cause chronic addiction, homelessness, and suffering with an AI-aided modular approach to supportive environments such as Sober Living, Residential Facilities, Transitional Housing and Kindred Care.
Behaviors, Processes & Workflows Platform as a Service for Social Impact Collectives
Step-by-Step Achievement
Behaviors, Processes & Workflows
Tasks, Guides, Courses
‍Creation, Delivery
Persistent Impact
Day Plan, Scheduler, Notifications
Messages, Materials, Documents
Activity, History, Status
Actionable Awareness
Domains & Levels of Influence
Trends, Activity & Root Causes
Situations, Resources, Training
Collective Modules Focuses
Sober Living Environments
Long-Term Sober Lifestyle Shared HUBS
Residential Environments
Program-Based Domiciliary HUBS
Transitional Environments
Pregnancy, Half-Way, Homeless, Re-entry HUBS
Kinship Environments
Long-Term Aged-Out Foster Youth HUBS
Shelter Environments
Fixed, Temporary & Mobile Shelter Solutions HUBS
AI-Aided Housing Environments
Foster, Day Care, Disability, Caregiving HUBS

DeeperEngaged® Social Impact Collectives is Applied Research on Rails® Platform as a Service Designed for the National Institute of Mental Health and Health Disparities Framework

Persistent Touch
Be persistent with daily, weekly and specialized step-by-step plans of action and reminders.
Community Integration
Organization services and support groups into communities that can communicate with each other within the system.
Actionable Knowledge
Create and deliver actionable, step-by-step skills, best practices, and character development through Navitents.
Monitoring and Accountability
Keep an eye on individual cases and entire communities in real time to measure growth and effectiveness of programs.
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DeeperEngaged® GPS for Change®
Join A Collective Social Impact Meme
“Deeper Social Impact made possible technology built from the ground up to improve the human condition.  Lead the change…”“The path of leading change in a new era of opportunity is with small steps for the least of these and the last first, then to the spectrum, then to all who need care.”
Applied Research
Rapid, manualized care & intervention prototyping, recruitment & modularization.
Virtual Family Navigator
Connection, transition and coordination of resources, support & advocacy.
Lifespan of Care
From initial diagnosis and through all phases of progression for self & patient.
Haile Clay

Navitent, Inc. is a Black and veteran-owned corporation. Founded in 2004, Navitent provides social benefit and equity development, delivery, management, and oversight tools embedded in the DeeperIntel™ Intelligence Augmentation Suite. Based on the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, High Reliability and Accountable Care Organization Public/Private Partnership frameworks, we serve powerful features through our HumanChangeSystems™ National Network of Resiliency™. Whatever your vision for social impact is, Navitent is your GPS for Change™.

Mission: Innovate new means of impact through human factor engineering dedicated to evidence-based continuous process improvement of the human condition.

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