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Start:Dec 07, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the confidence to resolve differences with your ego intact (Drama Buster).

Description: 'Drama Buster' provides specific step-by-step guidance to trekkers as they learn how to resolve differences with a sense of dignity and conf ... Read More


Step 1

Welcome back!

Let's start today with some recent history. Was there a disagreement recently where you could practice Drama Buster #5?

The Drama Buster was to own your stuff.

Step 2

Assuming there was a situation, what happened and how did you respond?

Step 3

If there was a disagreement, then list any of the filters in play and whether or not you were able to recognize them in the moment.

If you didn't have an argument in the past 24 hours, then recall your last one and note the filters that may have been in play or 'ghosts' who showed up.

Step 4

Are you more confident that you can turn things around once you understand what's happening?

Step 5

As a reminder - and who doesn't need a reminder - this stuff is hard! Anyway, here are the Drama Busters we've discussed so far:

1- Be honest.
2- Ears first. Mouth second.
3- Don’t assume. Ask.
4- Keep it chill.
5- Own your stuff. Uncover blind spots. Understand your part.

Which ones, if any, have you used in your most recent disagreements that worked for you?

Which ones need some work?

Step 6

Is there anything else that might be causing your disagreements to go nuclear?

Step 7

Here's Drama Buster #6 that you can add to your new tools:
Recognize that the other person cares about you.

If the person remains in the conversation, it shows they care enough to be there and resolve it.

How much does that make a difference to you?

Step 8

Go to the video icon above for a look at what happens when we give up our filters. In this case, it was Scrooge's greed, fear, mistrust and bitterness.

Let us know what you thought about the clips when you've finished watching them.

For the full movie, check out the 1984 version of Scrooge.

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