Day 12_The Right Voice

Start:Dec 02, 2023

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to capture your dreams and turn them into workable plans (Vision4Future).

Description: 'Vision4Future' connects trekkers to their dreams, guiding them to a simple, workable strategy that puts their vision into motion.


Step 1

Today we have a quest for you.

Visit your local library to check out 'Field of Dreams' with Kevin Costner. Or see if there's a free version available to stream. Maybe YouTube has it.

Even if you've seen it before, we urge you to watch it again, paying close attention to what happened when the main character pursued a pretty wild vision.

Before you leave for today, complete the following steps. They'll set you up to better appreciate the movie.

How willing are you to watch the movie?

Step 2

Kevin Costner's character hears a voice in his mind.

We all have a voice we listen to, maybe not anything like the one in 'Field of Dreams', but it's a voice of some kind.

You have an inner dialogue that plays in your mind as if on some sort of looping device. We all have it. It's a message that lifts you up or brings you down. That part depends on you.

What we hear as we replay these messages often depends on what people have said to us or about us as we grew up.

If a negative message is the main one you listen to, then now is a good time to learn how to turn it around.

Do you realize you have the power to flip negative messages 180 degrees to become encouraging?

For example, the message:
* "I will never be able to...."
becomes, "I was made for this..."

* "I don't have what it takes..."
becomes, "I got this far despite the odds, so nothing can stop me but me..."

* "I have brothers and sisters who need me to take care of them, so I don't have time or money..."
becomes, "If I reach my dream, then I model for them that they can reach theirs, too. This is my best and we all deserve that."

*"But what about my past? I've done things I'm not proud of..."
becomes, "Who hasn't? These things will be what I can use to encourage others to keep going and pursue their own greatness."

Describe the internal messages you listen to most. What are they saying?

Step 3

Do you need to flip that voice around and make it root for you?

If so, how would you flip it?

Step 4

Do you have people in your life who are cheering for you?

What do they tell you, and how do you respond?

Step 5

What message, in particular, have you heard that inspired you and let you know you have something special inside?

Step 6

Here's a new tactic: Play the 'glad game'.

As you go through your day, and especially when you feel nervous, frustrated or angry about something, stop for moment.

Name at least one thing you're glad about. Try it out now.

Step 7

If you really want to keep those negative messages flipped to positive ones, then include other people in the 'glad game'.

Ask them what they're glad about today and listen for their responses. Soon you'll begin feeding off each other's more hopeful attitudes.

How optimistic are you that this approach can make those rough spots in life a lot easier to handle?

Step 8

Let's get real with this. How are you going to keep going when your path seems blocked or you suffer a setback?

This is a natural part of any journey, so thinking ahead can make it easier to get through when it happens.

a) Have people in your life who will keep encouraging you and help you problem solve.
b) Fuel your hope: Play the 'glad game'.
c) Continue with the Next Step navitents that relate to your struggles.
It's the focus, discipline and encouragement of the Next Step that can keep you moving forward despite what you're facing.

You have strength in your Camps. It won't help you to ignore their significance to you. Post your struggles to them and let them help you out.

How optimistic does this make you feel?

Step 9

Time to go watch that movie.

Bye for now!

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