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Start:Dec 07, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the confidence to resolve differences with your ego intact (Drama Buster).

Description: 'Drama Buster' provides specific step-by-step guidance to trekkers as they learn how to resolve differences with a sense of dignity and conf ... Read More


Step 1

Hi again!

Today, let's bring the intensity of these navitents down a few notches. Go to the video icon above and enjoy 'Hakuna Matata' from the 'Lion King'.

Select the effect the clip had on you when you've finished watching it.

Step 2

It would be great to think we could hang onto the idea of no worries when drama happens.

Well we do have some control over that. Here's how.

Stop holding grudges.

When a thought or feeling trips your 'I'm irritated' switch, back up and consider:
(a) if the offense is really worth it.
(b) is it time to let go of the grievance and all the pain and intensity that go along with it?

Which option is going to bring you the most peace and happiness: Option a or Option b?

Step 3

There is a very high price to pay if you choose to hang onto a grudge.

That grudge grows deeper, developing stronger roots. It creates a faulty perception, blinding you to the truth.

Failure to see the truth makes you see 'ghosts'. These ghosts make you react to a nonissue, disrupting friendships and robbing you of the peace and happiness you deserve.

Grudges block trust.

Grudges block love.

Grudges steal your peace of mind.

Will you consider this the next time you're faced with the choice to hang onto a grudge or let it go?

Step 4

Forgive yourself when you mess up, and you will mess up.

It's normal to be awkward at first when you make changes in the way you deal with things that have had a profound impact on you for most of your life. Accept that as part of the healing.

When you mess up, just own your part, apologize and move on.

How confident are you that you can take these steps and eventually come out the other side in a new and better way?

Step 5

Hakuna Matata!

No worries, my friend.

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