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Day 16_Feel the Love

Start:Nov 26, 2022

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to separate fact from fiction. (Perception vs. Reality).

Description: 'Perception' will guides trekkers in being able to tell the difference between fact and fiction in situations that typically trigger strong ... Read More


Step 1

Hola! Hey, did you do something kind for a stranger in the past 24 hours?

If so, what was it and how did they respond?

If not, will you look for an opportunity in the next day or so but continue with the navitents?

Step 2

Think about your interactions over the past few days.

How many times have situations come up where you were given a chance to discover what was true and what was not?

Name one that stood out and describe what happened.

Step 3

Describe what you would do differently, if anything, to make the interaction more natural for you the next time.

Step 4

Is another self-protective tool ready to be taken off your list? If so, which one(s) would you pick to remove?

Some examples may include:
*over reacting
*shutting down
*mistaken assumptions
*expect the worst

You get the idea. What tool or tools can be scratched off of your survival mode list?

Step 5

When you remove something negative, you need to fill the space with something positive.

Whats' the positive tool(s) in your case?

If you're having trouble thinking of one, here are a few to consider:

*More Courage
*Sense of stability
*Self Respect

Step 6

Does this change anything about the way you see people now, particularly those you didn't know very well before?

If so, what changed?

Step 7

Several days ago, we talked about getting to know your boss and co-workers better and letting them get to know you.

If that doesn't apply, then you were to do the same thing in a situation like getting to know your instructors at school or someone you report to in a volunteer project, etc.

Are you doing this? If so, who?

Step 8

What do you have in common with them?

Step 9

What's different?

Step 10

What's surprised you about getting to know them?

Step 11

Has this experience been a good thing for you?

Think about that. Have a great day!

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