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Start:Dec 07, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the confidence to resolve differences with your ego intact (Drama Buster).

Description: 'Drama Buster' provides specific step-by-step guidance to trekkers as they learn how to resolve differences with a sense of dignity and conf ... Read More


Step 1

Let's start today's navigational steps with a little fun. Head for the video icon above and watch Justin Timberlake and friends.

Get the vibe. Feel the rhythm. Dance if you want to dance. Sing if you want to sing. Laugh if you want to laugh.

Let us know what you thought about the song when you've finished.

Step 2

Assuming you liked the video, hang on to that feeling. That's the one that keeps your groove on when messages come at you that try to rain on your parade.

Listen to another 30 seconds of the song. If you didn't like the video, find a song that makes you soar.

Select 'Successful' when you've finished.

Step 3

Remind yourself about what you're working toward. Review the new perspectives that aim to bring you happiness and peace no matter what your situation.

Let's take a look:
*From Injustice to Justice.
You receive justice every time you listen to someone who has a valid point and then you own your part. You're killing off the 'ghost' from the past that makes you react as if the opposite were true.

*From Mistrust to Trust.
When you choose to trust, you build the foundation of love. Trust is choosing to listen objectively, accepting that you're a valuable part of a mutually respectful relationship.

*From Self Protective to Confident.
You gain confidence and respect when you stand up for yourself in a way that discovers the truth and finds resolution.

*From Pride to Humility.
You honor yourself and the relationships that are important to you when you drop grudges, hear what's off, and determine to find the way back.

*From Fear of Authority to Respect.
Respect the people put in place to lead you to personal victory. It's unfair to think that because others mistreated you, then everyone in a similar position will mistreat you.

Will any of these help you stay in your happy place today? If so, which ones?

Step 4

No matter what happens in the next 24 hours, don't let anyone steal your joy. This is how you fight.

Someone's all up in your business?
In you're mind, you're feeling the beat of that song above.

Is there too much month left at the end of your money, and somebody just asked for more?
You're rocking out to a tune in your head.

Got unfriended?
Come back to this site. Put some sunshine in your pocket. Dance, dance, dance!

Bossman is a pain?
Sell that happy meal from your happy place.

Somebody's given you their two cents worth, and its value is less than that?
How can you feel criticized when you're laughing at those moves you just saw in the video?!

Will you keep that song - or any happy tune - in your head today?

Step 5

Dance, dance, dance.

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