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Start:Nov 26, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to separate fact from fiction. (Perception vs. Reality).

Description: 'Perception' will guides trekkers in being able to tell the difference between fact and fiction in situations that typically trigger strong ... Read More


Step 1

Hi! Glad you returned!

Hey, did you know that no one is born knowing how to deal with perception vs. reality? It's one of the hardest things people have to learn.

History shows that many huge mistakes have been made because people jumped to the wrong conclusion. Worse, they allowed mob hysteria to run wild, and innocent people suffered greatly.

But none of us has to fall into that trap.

We can learn to trust that something isn't as bad as it appears. Maybe it's not bad at all. Just knowing that much can prevent missteps.

Frankly, it may take a very long time to become comfortable with certain emotional triggers. Give yourself that time. Know that you're making progress every time you:


How confident are you that you can do this whenever you're triggered?

Step 2

The times you're off, just pick yourself up mentally, visualize a character in a book or movie who portrays confidence and wisdom, and get ready for the next time.

Don’t dwell on it, or you’ll drive yourself crazy.

Speaking of confidence, how helpful has it been for you to think of someone famous and 'wear' their confidence until you feel it for yourself?

Step 3

Go to the video icon above and watch the clip. It's meant to bring perspective into the process about change.

Let us know what you thought of the advice when you've finished.

Step 4

Linda, from the video, says it's helpful to ask yourself what's beneficial about making the change you want to make.

In this case, that change is understanding that your first instinct - your first perception - may not be the true one.

What is beneficial to you about knowing perception vs. reality?

Step 5

Linda also says that a good question to ask yourself as you're experimenting with this new change is "what can I learn?"

What have you learned so far that's had the most impact on you?

Step 6

Linda also says that, since change takes time, you have to give yourself three things:


Will you commit to taking the Time to discern fact from fiction in your everyday interactions?

Step 7

Will you commit to pay Attention to situations where you can practice the new tools you're learning?

Step 8

Will you be Persistent about gaining confidence each time you're faced with discovering fact vs. fiction?

Step 9

You're doing great.

Go ask someone to do something nice for you. See how they respond. Post and let us know what happened.


Enjoy your day!

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