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Start:Dec 07, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to outsmart emotions that result in painful outcomes (Blind Spots).

Description: 'Blind Spots' takes trekkers through specific steps to help outsmart tendencies toward friends and loved ones that are hurtful.


Step 1

Hi there! Are you ready to start?

Step 2

Consider the challenge below. It's all meant to be a guide you can use to bring more stability and peace into your life.

Start here:
* Offer a suggestion today without concern for the person's acceptance of your opinion.

* Encourage the person to convey his/her feelings about your suggestion.

* Take a big, deep breath while they are speaking.

* Calmly welcome the feedback.

* Then, gulp, thank him/her politely for the feedback - without any stink eye or attitude.

* As you engage in this encounter, note how the interaction makes you feel. Does it make you feel fidgety and tense? Or did you find something helpful in the exchange?

* Make a mental note about whether you want to hold a grudge because their opinion may differ from yours.

* Note if you want to make a snide remark. Or did you realize the conversation helped make you see things differently?

Are you willing to do the exercise above and follow the pointers?

Step 3

Got a little adrenaline flowing at the thought of letting go of your control?

Why don't you try listening to this tune from Bobby McPherrin to lighten things up. The clip features the late actor and comedian, Robin Williams, hamming it up.

It was a song recommended to us by our friend Brian. Goofy but funny.

Go to the video icon above and watch Mr. McPherrin's video 'Don't Worry. Be Happy.'

Tell us how the video landed with you when you've finished.

Step 4

Go do your thing.

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