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Start:Feb 08, 2023

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to understand your value and learn how to command the respect you deserve (Respect).

Description: This Next Step trail guides teens and young adults step-by-step each day until they discover their value and become confident in respecting ... Read More


Step 1

Hi again!

Take a moment and get quiet. Select 'Successful' when you feel the calm sweep over you.

Step 2

Let's begin.

In Day 3, we talked about the messages we tell ourselves that aren't helping.

We worked on revising those messages. The goal was to redeem our painful memories by focusing on the way 'older you' could encourage 'current you.' In this way, the positive memories start crowding out the negative ones.

The goal is to change the messages altogether so that we understand that we are worthy of respect. Period.

Actually, we are worth being respected the instant we enter the world as babies. Things may go haywire through rough experiences, opinions of others and perceptions we come to accept as true.

These form those humiliating thoughts that refute the fact that we are quite capable of being respected.

How much are you tracking with this?

Step 3

Have you caught yourself today listening to that inner voice that says you aren't good enough just the way you are?

Step 4

What did you do about it?

If nothing, will you do something now?

If so, what?

Hint: If you're not sure what to do, then talk to the 'voice' in your head. Let it know it's lying. Flip the message to say that you are worth being respected simply because you're human. Remind yourself of all that is good about you.

Go ahead. List everything you like about yourself or that you've heard other people say they like about you in the space provided.

Step 5

Now let's look at how we let negative people dictate the way we see ourselves. Then we'll look at how we continue to fuel those negative messages.

Are you ready to dive in?

Step 6

What do you hear most often about yourself that makes you feel disrespected?

Write one or two words only and don't dwell on this step. Get out of it quickly.

Step 7

Now let's do something to stop fueling those negative messages.

You do realize they're lying to you, right?

Consider this: We can choose not to believe we're what others think about us, even those who've played an important role in our lives. Sometimes they just don't see us accurately, and their opinions are wrong.

You see, everyone has filters through which they view people and situations. These filters can - and often are - distorted. Actually, other people don't know where our journeys are going to take us and how we will be transformed as a result. So...what do they really know about us?

With that in mind, list 3 ways you will insist that others show you basic respect by the way they speak to you or about you.

Some examples include reasonable tone of voice, kinder facial expression, encouraging words, not talking behind your back, you get the idea.

Step 8

In the space provided, list 3 ways YOU can show respect for others by the way you speak to them or about them.

Try doing this exercise from the point of view that you deserve the feeling of freedom and happiness that come with treating yourself and others with basic decency.

Step 9

Now choose at least 1 of the ways you listed and use it in your interactions today.

Include it in the space provided and, if you like, please post to your Next Step Camps so we all can get in on the encouragement!

Go get 'em!

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