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Day 7_Message in the Mirror

Start:Dec 07, 2022

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to outsmart emotions that result in painful outcomes (Blind Spots).

Description: 'Blind Spots' takes trekkers through specific steps to help outsmart tendencies toward friends and loved ones that are hurtful.


Step 1

Hey there! Begin today by jumping up to the video icon to watch a scene from 'Joyful Noise'. The song is based on Michael Jackson's, 'Man in the Mirror'.

Tell us what you thought about the scene when you've finished.

Step 2

Find a mirror.

Take a moment to look at yourself.

See yourself objectively, not critically, objectively.

What do you see in your expression?

Step 3

What image would you like to reflect?

Step 4

What's one thing you can do, starting today, to change a behavior or situation that's frustrating you or causing you pain?

Step 5

Ask a trusted friend or someone else you respect to hold you accountable for making the turnaround.

Be nice to yourself as you make whatever turnaround you listed. You'll probably make some mistakes as you're trying to change. It's natural to do so. Give yourself time to make the transformation.

How confident are you that you can change that one attitude or behavior - over time?

Step 6

Keep going with these navigational steps every day.

Trust your GPS.

If you're posting to one of your Campfires, Campsites and/or the JP Campground, don't back off now. They're there to help you and to be supported by you, too.

How are you feeling so far about this?

Step 7

If you really want it, you'll get there.

That's a promise.

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