A Brief History
Question: What is story behind DeeperEngaged? (1:22 minutes)
Question: Why did it take 16 years to develop Navitent? Do I really need that much horsepower for my mission? (14 minutes)
Some Basics of How To Create Navitents
Question: How simple is it to create a Navitent?
Question: How do I create a task or "Trail" in Navitent.
Question: How do I organize my Trails into "Guides" like Checklists and Sessions?
Question: How do I create a Course or Tiered-Course "Map" in Navitent?
Security Statements
Question: What is Navitent's Security Statement?
Answer: The PDF info sheet on the subject (left) will open in new tab.
Collaboration Objectives
Question: What is DeeperInRoads Collaboration about?
Answer: The PDF White Paper on the subject (left) will open in new tab.
Question: I want to join you, but what is Navitent's view of how to create authentic systems design theory and revenue model change?
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Workforce Resiliency
Question: What are the most significant causes of the Great Resignation, and issues and barriers to bringing talent back?
Answer: The PDF White Paper on the subject (left) will open in new tab.

Navitent, Inc. is a Black and veteran-owned corporation. Founded in 2004, Navitent provides social benefit and equity development, delivery, management, and oversight tools embedded in the DeeperIntel™ Intelligence Augmentation Suite. Based on the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, High Reliability and Accountable Care Organization Public/Private Partnership frameworks, we serve powerful features through our HumanChangeSystems™ National Network of Resiliency™. Whatever your vision for social impact is, Navitent is your GPS for Change™.

Mission: Innovate new means of impact through human factor engineering dedicated to evidence-based continuous process improvement of the human condition.

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